Fulghum Fibers is the ideal wood handling and chip processing solution to meet all of your wood yard needs. We are committed to providing value-added processing solutions by serving our customers with dedicated chip processing facilities and highly cost effective wood yard solutions.

Our seamless and integrated “over the fence” processing services free up time and investment so forward looking fiber industry leaders can more readily focus on their finished product output.

The core benefit is a synergistic relationship that delivers:

Our typical contract operations eliminate our customers’ need for in-house wood yard operations and the related operating and labor challenges. Our services provide the added benefits of:

Fulghum Fibres systematic approach has been finely honed over the past 25 years by operating a wide range of wood handling and chip processing facilities. The uniformity of our chip quality and volume production allows improved efficiency and finished product quality in our customers’ mills. We provide one-stop contract wood handling and chip processing services, delivering a complete end-to-end solution to finance, construct, operate, and maintain high efficiency wood yard operations. Our services allow our customers to be more productive and cost efficient by focusing on their finished product manufacturing and sales rather than on wood yard operations

Fulghum typically invests in dedicated facilities to serve customers under long-term contracts. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to utilize the latest technologies and deliver low cost wood handling and chip processing services.