Fulghum’s solid record of performance as a contract chip supplier is reflected in our safety and environmental compliance records. We have industry- leading customers who rely on our safe and environmentally compliant operations to ensure consistent, on-time supply of fiber furnish. Our safety standards and programs are designed to exceed OSHA requirements and our low incident rate proves it. Our environmental compliance programs are designed to maintain operations in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Through our comprehensive 5-stage program, Fulghum Fibres has proudly achieved a safety record with less than half the incidents than the industry standard.

We have a comprehensive program of training, review, inspections and incentives that all work together to create a safe working environment.

We pride ourselves in setting a standard of zero accidents, incidents and injuries as a goal for each mill and work hard to maintain those standards with our 5- stage program, which includes:

Step 1: Education. Creating a safe working environment at our mills is everyone’s responsibility. The first step is education. Before beginning any new job, each person at our mills is given task-specific safety training to address challenges and risks unique to the new task. We also provide general training and safety videos for basic mill operations. Even our contractors must go through a training program and testing before beginning work at our facilities.

Step 2: Documentation. Upon successfully completing training, employees fill out an assessment form that reviews the hazards of different tasks. This form is our agreement with each person onsite to always consider safety first. Task hazard reviews are conducted annually as a safety reminder to everyone. However, we understand accidents may still occur. Therefore, Fulghum’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are under constant review to maintain the highest possible safety levels.

Step 3: Inspections. Fulghum makes it a priority to ensure all safety protocols are followed at each mill. Inspections are performed monthly and reviewed with management. Findings are then reviewed with the mill staff, making changes were necessary and providing recognition as earned. This proactive approach exceeds OSHA standards and maintains safety at the forefront.

Step 4: Incentivize. Training, documentation, inspections, and care for one’s own safety are all motivating factors in assuring safe mill operations. However, Fulghum takes this one step further. We have developed three tiers in our safety incentive program:

Step 5: Communication. Fulghum has created a webpage dedicated to safety. This includes reminders about incentives, communication of safety news, meeting reminders, and any upcoming changes to mill practices. Safety topics and policies are discussed and reviewed at each of our quarterly and annual employee meetings.

We are constantly advancing the process to yield the safest working environment for our employees and contractors. Together as a team, we work to ensure that the highest standards are followed, so that everyone goes home safe and injury free each day.