Fulghum Fibres’ primary services are wood handling and chip processing. We annually process approximately 15 million tons of fiber for a diverse portfolio of finished products in North America, South America and Asia. Our customers are primarily blue chip companies (domestic and international) that value low cost/top quality service. Our customer retention rate is over 95 percent.

Our goal is to help customers become more efficient and cost effective while improving safety, environmental compliance, and manufacturing productivity. We finance, construct, and operate wood yards adjacent to our customer’s processing plants, as well as satellite chip mills.  From wood handling through debarking and on to quality wood chips made specifically to customer specifications, we assure the mill’s feedstock, allowing our customers to focus on pulp and paper manufacturing.  Below is a simplified illustration of our process:

Trees Debarked and Chipped

We provide wood handling and chip processing services to a variety of customers who manufacture linerboard, boxboard, tissue, other paper products, and fibreboard:

Location Fibre Species End Product for Fulghum Chips
U.S. Hardwoods and Softwoods Boxboard
U.S. Hardwoods and Softwoods Fluff Pulp and Tissue
U.S. Hardwoods and Softwoods Dissolving Pulp (Rayon)
U.S. Hardwoods Fiberboard
U.S. Softwoods Linerboard
South America
Hardwoods: Coated /Uncoated Free Sheet

Our service does not end with chip processing - our main focus is customer service. We are in constant communication with our customers to ensure we are meeting their needs.

Fulghum Fibres strives to be the premier choice for wood fiber processing. We have helped many companies create more efficient, safer wood yards. We can help you too. Contact us today for more information.